Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mind Blown – Jayant Kumar Dutt


(imma start rapping, bored with singing, aye)
mind blown
i just wanna change all the time zones
barcode, scan up my barcode
imaginary founders, gods of the thunders
and blunders
and all of the horrendous
stuff that we pray
you are just part of an algorithm pre-made
been low these days
imma get back
tryna not be explicit
but spell the facts
trying this and that (x2)
wanna be no celebrity
but i not be suffocating
im just looking for paradise
where the prey dies
emotion’s appetite
yeah, yeah
baby, don’t attack yeah
running from my problems like The Flash, yeah
dealing with some of the trash, yeah
won’t take sympathy even if attacked, yeah
there are dark days and there are light nights, yeah
stay safe, weird world, hold tight, yeah
random flow, random lines, yeah
doing this just cause I’m tired of the pretty lies
yeah, okay

Artist : Jayant Kumar Dutt

beat by @thatkidgoran

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